MISSION (E-book)


The presence of different dimensional worlds, such as different timelines, can work one after the other, linearly or simultaneously, in parallel, nowadays more and more people are interested in these.

The main characters of the Crystallight saga, Matt and Izael reveal the karmic causal system of beingness and rebirth, that although space and time change, as part of a larger unit the characters always accompany each other from life to life.

In the first part of the Crystallight saga, Mission, Matt and Izael come into the cycle of their lives on Earth with a mission as the male and female polarity and manifestation of the One Soul.

They are twinflames of each other.

In the mystery of transcendent and primordial love's power they seek to nullify the karmic burdens that they brought from the past and from other worlds, so in the great ascension of mankind, the turn of destiny may take place in them as well...

How can they find each other from world to world? Do they have the courage to follow the signs that lead them to their life mission?


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