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My name is Dr. Orsolya Vaktor, I’m an author and a lawyer, and also the mother of two children. I have written several poems and short stories, along with blog posts and publications. I’m currently working on the seven-part mystic, spiritual thriller and urban fantasy novel Crystallight Saga.


Writing is the channel through which I can educate and entertain at once, make people think, evoke emotions, touch the soul and speak to it as well.

My artwork represents my spitirual perspective, and at the same time, it reflects my studies in the fields of Law, Political Science, Philosophy and Psychology.

My aim is edutainment, education and entertaining at the same time, as well as a deeper understanding of the metamorphosis of human relationships and the shift in the dynamics of the frameworks of society, and strengthening the children of the new millenia.

Through my work, people may get closer to grasping their life situations and relations, as well as the the questions of why and how in their lives.

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Crystallight Saga is a seven part (four parts have been completed so far) mystic, spiritual thriller and urban fantasy novel series, which deals with human relations from incarnation to incarnation in a transcendental way. It concerns the paradigmatic change and the change of era of our present world, how we are all led through the Codes of Infinite Intelligence in our fate, as well as the dynamics of male and female energies – ancient soulmate connections. It tells about the attributes of children born into the new millenia, born after the year 2000, the challenges of the new generation, the interactions between multidimensional star entities and how they affect our human lives and relations.

My aim by creating the mystic world of Crystallight Saga is edutainment: education and entertainment at the same time.

Mankind have been pondering about philosophical questions since the beginning of time, such as where we came from, why we are here, and what the meanings and aims of our lives are. Crystallight Saga intends to seek answers to them via quesions of Philosophy, Sociology and Political Science through the adventures of its heroes.

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Translated: Anna Elődi

In the volume entitled Mission, which is Part I of Crystallight Saga, Matt and Izael arrive into the circle of life on Earth with a mission, as polarities and male and female manifestations of One Soul.

They are dual pairs of one another, like twin flame.

They intend to resolve karmic burdens brought from other worlds and a bygone past in the mystery of the primal consciousness and the primal power of love, so that in the course of the great turn of human ascension, they themselves can experience this twist of fate.

The protagonists of Crystallight Saga, Matt and Izael open up for us the charmic nexus system of existence and rebirth, according to which, although time and space may change, as members of a greater unity, all the actors accompany the others from one life to another.

What makes it possible that they find one another in every new world?
Do they dare to follow the signs that lead them to their mission?

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Translated: Anna Elődi

After the successful Part I of Crystallight Saga named Mission, Part II entitled Code continues with the story of the mission of Matt and Izael, in our present, who are reborn as Mark and Molly. What signs and codes have they built into their own fates that would lead them to one another? Who are those helpers to reoccur in their new lives or emerge as new actors, who will wake their memory?

Mark and Molly are the twin flame soulmates, who have to face the same hesitations as we all, actors of our everyday lives do. They are occupied by the same questions as us: What is universal elevation? How may one find their mission? While Mission revealed the charmic connections of previous lives, Part II, Code explores the reminders of present life and their corresponding faith and trust hidden behind the veil of oblivion through that very human bridge of doubt to be found in the fallibility of Molly and Mark.

Do we dare to believe, and take the path of the irrational? Do we dare to remember? Are Mark and Molly capable of realizing and decoding the signs encrypted in their previous lives?

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In Part III of the Crystallight Saga, Era, the One Soulmate twin flame love story of Mark and Molly continues from the male perspective. Through Mark’s spiritual journey, cosmic fate opens up, that Mark and Molly have inherited galactically into the goblet of their human existence from the history of other stars. The world of parallel star dimensions unveils, unfolding the spiral energy curve of space and time, the nature of duality, dymanics and the complementary quality of the poles Yin and Yang. One may encounter a deeper understanding of the primal love mystery of dual pairs.

After Part I (Mission) and the reincarnational cycle of the primal pair of soul, and Part II (Code) dealing with the mystics of telepathic communication and soul connections among twin flames, Part III (Era) reveals the multidimensional nature of our human existence, male and female energy, the possible paths of elevation of the power of love, as well as the cosmic importance of the energetic work of One Soul pairs within the present quantum field of our current paradigm change.

Our present-day society is at the brink of a change of era, just as Mark and Molly, who also live in the present-day 21st century. But what does that change of era or paradigmatic change imply? What is changing actually?

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Part IV of Chrystallight Saga, Metamorphosis deals with deep philosophical and psychological questions through the adventures of its characters, and it presents the functioning and the dynamic natures of the dual poles of our world; the male and female qualities, as well as the complementary characteristics of the two phenomena, light and shadow, which affect human relations and situations in our lives. Since the beginning of time, mankind has been seeking answers to questions to such philosophical matters as where we come from, why we are here and what our goal is in this world.

Metamorphosis itself means transformation or transubstantiation; the process of of Unio Mystica. Part IV of the book series goes deeper in exploring the cosmic nexus of the initiational path of the twin flame mission, and thus it intends to shed light on the miracle of the awakening of the soul.

I wish you a glamorous journey of the soul!

We are all multidimensional creatures, who live in various dimensional streams at once, and such worlds rotate in accordance with one another and have an effect on the others as well.

What questions can be answered in the world of the cosmic compendiums of knowledge of Crystallight Saga?

What does twin flame love entail?

How do One Soul couples recognise one another and how do they connect?

How does the Law of Karma work, and how do Karmic connections function from life to life?

How can you find the mission of your soul, your essential task in life?

What does dimension shift mean, and how can it occur on a personal level?

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I studied to become a lawyer of Child Protection, and I became a writer.

My father is a lawyer and my mother is an economist. I’m an oldest child, with the textbook definition of compulsion of conformity. Although I wanted to study Humanities, I followed my parents’ footsteps in my education. After receiving my diplomas, I tried myself both in the fields of Law ansd Economics as well, but I soon realized that I was most interested in Child Protection.

I wanted to become a lawyer of Child Protection, but after a few years of practice, I realized that it was morally too overwhelming, so I aimed at the theoretical psychology behind it instead. Once my two childrn were born, I became more dedicated to the case of the children of the new millenium, and I have been deepening my knowledgehe concerning educational solutions for prevention and talent development.

Meanwhile, tremendous love took me over, the one that can be heaven and hell at the same time. Even though I had always been a focused and organized person, at that moment I completely lost control, and I also believe that I lost myself in a way.

My days of alternate legal solutions, Psychology, Pedagogy and Philosophy, were later turned towards Spirituality. I was deep in books concerning the soul, and went through several personality development courses. I wanted to understand the way I operated my generational and familial patterns as the offspring of my parents, as well as the transcendental pair bonds soul patterns as a woman in love.

My goal is edutainment, or entertainment through education. In my novels, I present spiritual and psychological as well as social philosophical and critical ideas concerning human relations in a way that I depict real fates of humans, as well as their subtle and deep psychological systems of contiguities.

My books evoke all those years of learning, experiencing, cognition and knowledge through my characters, who are all rooted in my profession and my life events. Writing is the channel that lets me teach and entertain as well; it allows me to make people think and raise emotions in them. It lets me touch the soul and talk to it.

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