CODE (E-book)


After the first part of the highly successful Crystallight saga novel series, the continuation of Mission has come out. Code is part two in the series. The story of Matt and Isael’s mission continues, now in our present, reborn as Mark and Molly.

What signs and codes have they build into their destiny here and now, that could lead them to each other? Who are the helpers, who reappear in their present life or appear as new characters, to awaken recollection in them?

Mark and Molly are twinflames of each other, who face the same uncertainties that we do as participants of our times. They are concerned with the very same issues, that might trouble all of us:

What is a universal ascent?
How can someone find their mission?

While the Mission explored the karmic connections of previous lives, Code, the second part looks for the reminders hidden behind the veil of oblivion of the present life and revolves around the questions of faith and trust in it through Mark and Molly’s frailty, via their very human doubts and uncertainties.

Do they have the courage to believe and set out on the path of irrationality? Do they have the courage to remember? Will they be able to recognize and decipher the transcoded signals from their previous lives?

Can it be possible that our lives are controlled by an invisible force flowing from our subconscious, as a guideline of coded signals in a hidden safe?


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