Part II entitled Code continues with the story of the mission of Matt and Izael, in our present, who are reborn as Mark and Molly. What signs and codes have they built into their own fates that would lead them to one another? Who are those helpers to reoccur in their new lives or emerge as new actors, who will wake their memory?

Translated: Anna Elődi

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After the successful Part I of Crystallight Saga named Mission, Part II entitled Code continues with the story of the mission of Matt and Izael, in our present, who are reborn as Mark and Molly. What signs and codes have they built into their own fates that would lead them to one another? Who are those helpers to reoccur in their new lives or emerge as new actors, who will wake their memory?

Mark and Molly are the twin flame soulmates, who have to face the same hesitations as we all, actors of our everyday lives do. They are occupied by the same questions as us: What is universal elevation? How may one find their mission? While Mission revealed the charmic connections of previous lives, Part II, Code explores the reminders of present life and their corresponding faith and trust hidden behind the veil of oblivion through that very human bridge of doubt to be found in the fallibility of Molly and Mark.

Do we dare to believe,
and take the path of the irrational?
Do we dare to remember?
Are Mark and Molly capable of realizing and decoding the signs encrypted in their previous lives?


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Parallel timelines


Awakening of the soul's consciousness


Twin flames' telepathy



Dharma, karma and reincarnation


Life mission and creative power


Twin flames' transcendent and primal love

Excerpt from the book

“Sure, Emily, come on in!”
I stood up from behind the desk and we both took a seat on the snow-white leather sofa.
“I’m listening. Are you excited?” I looked with kind eyes at the blushing young girl.
“Molly,” she began, her eyes downcast, “I … I can’t do this.”
“Come on, Emily! Everything will be all right. Tomorrow you’ll have a day in the salon and you’ll be beautiful by the evening.”
“I …” the red-haired beauty stammered on, “I can’t breathe around Chris.”
“I know,” I replied and looked gently at the former Rosa.
All the bad feelings that had once plagued Giulia were gone. Edward, like a heroic knight, solved this too. He resolved this conflict as well. We were moving on with clean slates, so I had to act accordingly.
“Look, Emily! If anyone, I know exactly what Chris means to you. I am also well aware that this is exactly how this event should happen. Even if Mark will not be here after all …”
“He won’t?” Emily looked at me questioningly.
“The agency said that Mark couldn’t accept the invitation at the
moment,” I said shrugging my shoulders. “Chris’s name is on the
gala. And although we thought this event would be Mark’s entry
into our project, it was not to be.”
“Are you sad?” Emily raised her veiled eyes to me.
“I’m disappointed. I believed in it and became disappointed for the second time. I think I’m bitter about Mark.”
“Bitter …” Emily sighed and closed her eyes. “My mouth feels so bitter! What is it? Whisky? How can this be? Why do I smell
taste in my mouth?”
I looked dazed at Emily.
Whisky? What is this girl talking about? Just like in Paris! Paris
… Oh my God, not again!
“Emily, Emily,” I called in a whisper.
“My father died,” she whispered in a hoarse voice. “Please forgive
me that I cannot be there! My father is dead.”
I froze.
“I will disappoint you again. I’m sorry, but I can’t go. I am burying my father.”
Emily curled up in pain and began to cry silently. Hot tears streamed down her velvety cheeks.
“Annabella!” I screamed, “Annabella, come quickly!”
“What is it?” My friend barged into the room.
“Help! Emily is in shock! Here’s Mark… or Edward … or I don’t know which.”
“Paris … Edward wants to connect through Claire … what they were talking about in the cafe … and use her body like he used yours during the full moon.”
“Emily!” Annabella knelt down next to Emily. “Emily, shhh! Listen to me! Remember what he taught you? Breathe! Keep breathing!
Let the energy flow through you! You are a channel through which energy flows.”
I watched with tears in my eyes as the former Lucia, Lucas’s twin sister, reassured the former Megan.
I don’t know what happened at that moment, but I was so fed up with both girls suffering like that because my twin flame was trying to contact me through them.
“Enough!” I said loudly, “I’m right here. Use me! Leave them alone, Mark! I’m right here for you.”
The next moment the room was spinning around me and I felt dizzy. I was overcome with vertigo like I have never felt before.
Annabella anxiously stepped up to sit me on a chair.
I sat in the chair with my head down, broken … I mean it was Mark.
Emily recovered in no time. Annabella slowly walked her out and asked Jenny to take her home to rest. Then she stepped back into the room, where I was sitting in the chair as Mark, broken. She pulled up another chair and sat down opposite me.
“Mark,” she whispered.
“I’m here.” I raised my head in a daze, the taste of whisky in my mouth.
“What’s happening?” Annabella asked.
“I can’t go,” Mark whispered in me, exhausted, “I can’t go … I’ll let her down again.”
“Why can’t can you come?”
“My father died.” The hot tears flowed unstoppably. “I have to be here. With my mother. With my brothers and sisters. I am now the head of the family.”
“Mark, listen to me now! Molly will understand.”
“No … I know she won’t forgive me. I always let her down.”
“Mark, Molly will forgive you. Don’t worry about it!”
“Does she love me?”
“More than anything. You’re her breath of fresh air.”
“Tell her that she is the same for me! Tell her that I can’t breathe without her! It’s so hard to breathe … without her!”
“She loves you very much. She works days and nights so you can be back together.”
“I will do everything I can to make the mission a reality. The children … my God! Tell her that the end is not where it first appears! And tell her to always look at me with her heart … she must see me with her heart! Will you tell her?”
“I will, Mark. Do what you have to. She will do the same.”
“Thank you.”
Annabella was sitting in the chair opposite me, smiling peacefully. She waited patiently for me, Molly, to take back control of my body.
“I felt his sadness,” I said as I began rubbing my temples, “I felt everything he feels.”
“He’s very worried about you,” my friend whispered.
“I know. In fact, I heard everything, I was here. Still, I could not express myself. He took control of my body.”
“You surrendered it to him,” Annabella corrected me.
“Yes, because I could no longer stand to watch Emily suffer.”
“Molly, this is a great insight! This way we can talk to him at
any time.”
“I’m not sure … is it possible? I mean, are we not breaking any laws of energetics or spiritual ethics?”



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I studied to become a lawyer, and I became a writer.

My goal is edutainment, or entertainment through education. In my novels, I present spiritual and psychological as well as social philosophical and critical ideas concerning human relations in a way that I depict real fates of humans, as well as their subtle and deep psychological systems of contiguities.

My books evoke all those years of learning, experiencing, cognition and knowledge through my characters, who are all rooted in my profession and my life events.

Through my work, people may get closer to grasping their life situations and relations, as well as the the questions of why and how in their lives.